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Kate has spent 20 years working in tech in the music and TV industries at companies like EMI, Channel 4 and Warner Music. She has a background in project management, data architecture & finance. She also happens to be an expert in web design. Her interests include maths and knitting, which make her an ideal dinner guest.

Jamie is an award-winning Creative Director with 15 years of strategic branding experience. He’s worked on some of the biggest global brands with some of the best agencies in the world, including Elmwood, Bloom & Design Bridge. His global rebrand of Persil has been immortalised in a Damien Hirst artwork, but he doesn’t like to talk about it (he does).

We're small on purpose.

Being small has big advantages.

 Every brief is different and every challenge unique.

 We expand our core team of two by pulling from a trusted and diverse global network of talent and expertise. That way we build the best dream team for your brief and budget. We don’t have a swanky brick-walled studio and a staff of 36.

That puts some folks off, and that’s cool with us. We would rather your budget was spent on your brand, not the rent & the pinball machine.

 For us, being small means being flexible. It means adaptability. It means we can be far more personal.

Our experience.

We’re grateful to have worked for so many amazing brands, companies and agencies in the past. We’ve travelled the world from India to the Czech Republic, from Sweden to Mexico in service of our amazing clients. We’re putting all our experience, all our passion and all our hard work into creating a positive change in the world, working with brands, charities, companies that feel the same.


New York Festivals, DBA Design Effectiveness, Mobius, D&AD New Blood, Pentawards, GDSA American Graphic Design Award, The Drum Chip Shop Awards.

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