Badgells Wood

Badgells Wood is an off-grid woodland campsite nestled in the North Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Part of Birling Estate, it was founded by Guy Nevill back in 2012 with a mission to inspire a love of the woods. It’s a place for hands-on adventure and playful exploration. That’s where the inspiration for the new branding was born.

We created our identity using nothing but natural materials found in and around the woodland itself - paper and charcoal from the trees, chalk from the hillside. These were used to gather the textures that formed the basis for our identity - a suite of textural ‘Badgells Wood B’ icons. The icons were complimented by a wordmark in charcoal, created for us by the ever generous and talented Alison Carmichael. Everything is tied in together with a playful tone-of-voice that highlights the tensions between the 'always on' world of everyday life and the timeless, slow living of Badgells Wood.

As the woodland changes throughout the seasons and matures through the years, so will our identity. More textures will be gathered and more B’s created, building an identity and an experience truly ‘Made of the Woods’.

Hand Lettering: Alison Carmichael

What we did

Brand Identity
Digital / UX Design
Typography / Lettering
Tone of Voice

"We’re stoked with the re-brand - thank you for showing it some love and creating something that belongs here."

Guy Nevill

Owner, Birling Estate

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