Casa Marin Panorama Gift Box

Casa Marin’s winery is set amid the rolling chalk hillsides and beautiful countryside of D.O. Lo Abarca, a stone’s throw from the Pacific coast of Chile. It’s in this unique spot that they create some of the most celebrated cool-climate wines in the world. Like so many business during the pandemic they were forced to shut their doors to visitors. If people couldn’t come to the winey they needed to find a way to bring the winery to them. We created something that spoke of the rugged beauty of the place, that felt real, earthy and refined all at once. Just like the wines. Enter the Panoramic Gift Box.

This was a gift box that could be used for any purchase, not just a limited edition. As such we started with a raw board substrate to give a crafted, earthy feel. Working in landscape format was the obvious solution to create a window into the terroir and highlight some of the stunning vistas of the winery. Next we added some premium details: a foiled map of the terroir (who’s mosaic shapes mirror the mosaics that the town of Lo Abarca is famous for), along with the seal of D.O. Lo Abarca and the satellite co-ordinates of the winery to add a sense of place and discovery. To truly bring the experience of Casa Marin into peoples homes a unique QR code is printed inside the box. When scanned it takes you to a bespoke video message from the Marin family who offer you a special message or a personal tutorial on the wine inside. Salud!

Production artwork: Griffin

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