Durahaus is on a mission to move the eco-building trade forwards. They use cutting-edge technology and high end construction know-how to created beautifully modern passive houses. The team approached us for help with naming and branding for their new company and, of course, we jumped at the chance.

The name combines durability and Nudura® - the modular material that is used to create such eco-efficient buildings. The addition of ‘haus’ not only creates a unique and trademark-ready brand name but adds a little ‘vorsprung durch technik’ to their moniker too.

When it comes to the logo we felt that simplicity was the best policy. Our logo combines a house, a play button and, happily, makes a ‘D’ for us as well. Combining all of this with a bold colour palette that takes inspiration from the classic high-vis world of the construction site we created an iconic, modern identity for Durahaus team.

To coin a phrase used in the trade, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

What we did

Brand Identity
Custom Typeface
Typography / Lettering

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